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On my mission to create an environmentally friendly equestrian brand that cares, not just about the quality of our products, but cares about rider and horse wellbeing. So far on my journey I've been able to create a comfortable chic training set for riders & anatomic head-collars for horses which are fitted to your horses anatomy. Now I'm ready for the next step, introducing EquuCare. Starting with subscription packages that have been hand packaged with care from me, which contain oil supplement which promote... read more.

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About EqA

Hey, welcome to EquuApparel or EqA! A brand dedicated to tailoring to equestrians by equestrians. I've been working with horses since I was just around 11/12 years old, but I've been riding and constantly around horses since I was 6 years old. Through a mix of good experiences and bad I decided that I just had to bring horses and the equestrian community into my work. 

The Equu Apparel base-layer is one of a kind, it keeps you warm during the colder days however; it also cools you with the mesh along the sides! From living and riding in 40 degrees weather and then going to ride in 10 degrees weather, I really know what this base layer can do! Not only does it do it’s job, it’s also a pleasure to look at, it’s clean and fashionable. The design is so well thought out, and really makes an outfit. It’s definitely a 5/5 for me! If they would ever come out with more colours i would definitely purchase them!

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The Equu Apparel grape baselayer is by far the favourite baselayer I own, the colour is gorgeous and perfectly matches the le mieux chilli. The vents in the side means that not only is it warm and comfortable in winter but it’s also my coolest baselayer, perfect for all temperatures. My favourite detail has to be the white zip with black edging because it just makes the baselayer look and feel super smart! I would rate it 5/5 for comfort and looks even though I could have done with a smaller size, (I bought medium)

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Why "A lifestyle choice...":

My slogan is one of my favourite parts of my branding! This is because it represents what my brand is completely. To me, I don't think you can carry the title of being an equestrian without adapting your whole lifestyle around it. Read more...

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