Anatomic Head-Collar

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A stylish and beneficial piece to add to your horse wear. Our anatomical head-collars have been designed and cut to a specific shape, which prevents pressure being applied on sensitive nerves on your horses face.


When designing this product, specific parts of your horses anatomy was taken into consideration. Therefore, our head-collars also have a lot of features that promote well-being for your horse. For example the way our head piece is cut, it has been cut to be wider and curve to the horses ears, this specific design was done to allow your horse a full range of movement in their face and reduces the pressure around their ears. This new feeling of comfort ultimately leads to a happier horse and is great for when they’re being transported, shod etc. as they can stand with their head collars on for longer periods of time without being agitated! 


Not only are these head-collars extremely beneficial for your horse, but they’re incredibly stylish. They have a very sleek, clean look which makes them quite aesthetically pleasing, which you can tell from the stone blueish grey of the nylon that beautifully contrasts with the sleek black metal and leather. On top of the colouring, they have another aesthetic feature which is adorable, and that is our EqA charms that feature in one of our loops. This charm is the only EqA branding you’ll find, and is the piece that pulls the look together. Like jewellery for your horse…





    • Large cut head piece to promote comfort.
    • Black faux leather padding, easy to clean.
    • Sleek & clean look
    • Black metal
    • EqA charm