Hi! Thank you for joining our EquuCare Omega Soya Oil subscription… here are your instructions for use. 

First two weeks of use:

  • First monthly packages only have 3 boxes rather than 4, this is to slowly introduce the oil into your horses diet. 
  • Use just one box over the first 2 weeks
  • Only adding the oil into their feed every OTHER day


Rest of the month/general use:

  • Once oil is introduced to their diet, it can be added to their feed DAILY 
  • Mix oil in with feed 
  • Results start to show between the 1st and 2nd month! 

Benefits include:

    • The fatty acids within soya oil are well-known for promoting healthy skin and a fantastic, shiny coat

    • The calorie-dense nature of soya oil is linked with healthy weight gain, providing extra calories without adding bulk to the daily feed
    • It contains the good, unsaturated fats, with omega-3 essential fatty acids and vitamin E. These omega-3 essential fatty acids, or EFAs, balance out the omega-6 EFAs your horse gets from other food sources.