PRODUCT LAUNCH | All about our Anatomical Head-Collar

What is an Anatomical Head-Collar?

Anatomical Head-Collars are designed and cut to be a specific shape to help prevent pressure on a horse’s facial nerves. They promote the horses wellbeing by allowing them to have more comfort and natural movement in their face. 

How does it work?

An anatomical head-collar takes specific points of your horse’s anatomy into consideration when being designed. There are different areas on the horse’s face where anatomical head-collars design differs from traditional head-collar which promotes comfort and relieve pressure.

An example of this in our product is our head piece, our head piece is wide, padded and cut out to fit comfortably on your horses head. This was designed to allow your horse full range of movement and reduces the pressure around their ears. 

Are there any benefits? 

Our head-collars provide a number of benefits for your horse! Some of them include: 

  • They promote wellbeing by taking away any pain or discomfort that they may experience in sensitive spots of your horses face. 
  • During travel your horses won't feel uncomfortable when being tied up for long periods of time. 
  • Boosts your horses mood, and positively affects their movement 
  • Leads to your horse being able to overall perform at his/her best! 


I'm so excited to release this product, not only is it my first horse wear product, but the start to a whole new collection! This head-collar I particularly care a lot about because it's a product that actually promotes your horses wellbeing in such a simple way. I personally ride all my horses in anatomical bridles and I it really positively affects their behaviour, and they actually feel much smoother when they're being ridden. So I decided that I had to make a head-collar version! It's something that I feel hasn't been incorporated enough, and it's such a simple thing that makes your horses life a bit for comfortable. 

There are a lot more features in this head-collar that I just love! For example, the colouring is very minimalistic, the black metal and padding against the ash blue nylon, a simple look, but very visually appealing. As well as the black keeps its colour though all the dirt that it'll come by at the stable, making it look over all clean and tidy always! Another part that I love that I haven't even announced before about our head-collars is that they'll have a small charm of my logo in black, just like it's been seen in previous products. And that's all the branding that'll feature, I love the idea because it's almost like jewellery for your horse. This same charm will feature on the lead ropes too. Another feature I love is the padding, instead of traditional wool material, I used a vegan leather padding thats extremely soft and almost like a cushion! This is for the purpose of keeping them clean with minimal effort. I can't count the amount of times I've bought a fluffy head-collar, got all excited then the next day it looks like I've had it for years! With this padding you can literally wipe it clean with a baby wipe whenever it gets dirty, and it won't ever stain because it's black. 

For a picture of our first sample check our instagram reels:


Those were just a couple reasons why these head-collars are special to me! I can't wait to release them, and I'll be posting more information inc. launch dates, prices and more on our instagram.

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