About Us


About me:

Hey, welcome to EquuApparel or EqA! A brand dedicated to tailoring to equestrians by equestrians. I've been working with horses since I was just around 11/12 years old, but I've been riding and constantly around horses since I was 6 years old. So, of course horses have always been a major part of my life. I even packed up and moved to a prestige FEI certified competition stables in the north of France with my two horses Gala and Nina. 


Spending all this time around not just horses, but the environment that surrounds it. Through a mix of good experiences and bad I decided that I just had to bring horses and the equestrian community into my work. As a child I have always been quite creative, but designing my own clothes has always been a big dream of mine, so that's when I decided I can combine my passion with my dream to create a business. And that's how I started EqA at just 14 years old, with of course a lot of help from my mum. 


Fast forward to now, the lessons I've learnt along the way are priceless and EquuApparel has got to be one of the things I'm most proud of for starting. Now that I'm on my feet and am able to independently manage my business I'm so excited to see whats to come, and I hope you join us for the ride... 


Elysia -EqA x



Why "A lifestyle choice...":

My slogan is one of my favourite parts of my branding! This is because it represents what my brand is completely. To me, I don't think you can carry the title of being an equestrian without adapting your whole lifestyle around it.

Equestrianism isn't just about the competitions, gold medals or cash prizes, it's about the animal and the rider. Just like in football theres a team that works together, plays together and sometimes live together, that is what makes them able to play well. If you were to group up some amazing players who had never met each other, they wouldn't be able to work half as well. The same cocept follows in horse riding, the bond between a horse and rider can only be developed with time, love and commitment. Which is why you have to choose if you're willing to alter your lifestyle to fit into this routine. Which is why my slogan is "A lifestyle choice..."




Our products :

Our products are designed by me, to tailor to all equestrians! Because I'm essentially my own customer that means any faults, helpful features etc. have all already been either been sorted out or thought out by me and is introduced into our designs. 

We currently offer a Full Training Set, from our first ever collection: #EqA1001, in two colours. However; 2021 means big things coming! Our new collection has been announcement and this time I'm introducing horse wear to EqA in our new collection: #EqA1002HW, our first HW product to be introduced will be technical head-collars so make sure to look out for that!

My products are currently sold from the size XS to L. ( UK Size 4/6 - 16/18)
However; we plan to add more sizes in our next rider clothing collection1
Please refer to our Size Guide for more accurate sizing.