Welcome to Equu Apparel & Care

Welcome to the new and improved EqA and I am super eager to also be introducing a new extension to the brand... Equu Care!

On my mission to create an environmentally friendly equestrian brand that cares, not just about the quality of our products, but also cares about about the wellbeing of both horse and rider. So far on my journey I've been able to create a comfortable chic training set for riders in my first ever collection (#EqA1001)  as well as Anatomic Head-Collars for horses which had been designed to fit comfortably to your horses anatomy from our second collection (Eqa1002HW). You can find out more about our anatomical head collars by clicking here.



For my next step I knew I had to change up Equu's "look"for it to fit in with what I'm wanting to create with this brand as well as fitting into my own world and personality. I feel like our old logo felt too corporate/prepped and primed for me to truly build my vision off of, the actual graphic I knew that I wanted to keep but I knew my colour scheme and font had to change to bring my brand identity back

I decided to go with very earthy tones for our colour scheme (which will continue in the products we bring out), and changed our front used to a more rustic kind of vibe. Having this new branding has really allowed the to feel like this brand that I’ve been building is finally an extension of me and my personality. 

Equu Apparel

EqA is still keeping its original products; however I do hope to expand to create an entirely eco-friendly collection which would include riding apparel made from recycled material! I’ve begun researching and drawing up first draft designs, but with a project this big, I can tell it’s a long road ahead… but I look forward to it!

Anything to do with horse or rider wear will continue to be released under EquuApparel, and I plan to come out with more products for this in the next year, once I’ve had a chance to get EquuCare off the ground. 

Equu Care 

So, what is EquuCare then? In a brief it is an extension of EquuApparel, which is primarily focused on making caring for and nurturing your horse easier for you! Sometimes it’s hard to know what your horse needs, or when someone else is feeding your horse it can be hard to track that they’re getting what you would like them to.

Starting with subscription packages that’ll contain varied supplements for your horse (beginning with Omega Soya Oil). They’ll be sent in monthly packages, but stored in weekly boxes so it’s easy to take one up to the yard every week and track that your horse has gotten what he/she needs! Each container will have a QR code to scan that’ll take you to a “How to use” page, making it easy just to hand over to your livery manager without any additional explanation needed. 

My plan for EquuCare is to come out with other products that aren’t subscription based as well like sprays, brushes, grooming totes etc. but again that’s also a plan that will take a little while to execute!

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