EquuCare Omega Soya Oil Supplement

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Equu Care's Subscription Package Omega Soya Oil supplement is made up off 100% pure soya oil sent right to your front door monthly! However they'll be stored in weekly boxes so it’s easy to take one up to the yard every week and track that your horse has gotten what he/she needs!

Each pod will have a QR code to scan at the bottom that’ll take you to a “How to use” page, making it easy just to hand over to your livery manager, friend or groom without any additional explanation needed. 

Soya is a superior choice for equine feeds when compared to other ingredients available and it has been fed to horses for many years for this reason.

Your horses skin is their barrier to the outside world, so keeping it healthy is vital to protect from external factors like sunlight, insects, bacteria or weather. 

Each pod will contain 25ml, which is enough to promote the following benefits... without making a significant calorie contribution.

Benefits of soya oil include:

  • The fatty acids within soya oil are well-known for promoting healthy skin and a fantastic, shiny coat
  • Soya oil is high in energy, yet this energy is released slowly. Alongside a regular fitness routine, this is known to increase stamina in all forms of activity
  • The calorie-dense nature of soya oil is linked with healthy weight gain, providing extra calories without adding bulk to the daily feed.

Soya Oil

Analytical constituent:
Crude Protein 0.01%
Fibre 0.01%
Fats & Oils 99.90%