HEY HORSEY X EQUU APPAREL | Promoting sustainability in the Eq Community

If you have been keeping up with our socials then you know that recently EqA has started a campaign with another company in the hopes to promote sustainability and inclusivity in our shared community. 
This was a very important campaign for me personally because I had been looking for a brand to work with that is within the community and that also share similar views and morals to me - thats why I was delighted when Heidi and Maria from HeyHorsey got in contact with me. They're a company, which in my opinion, wants to me more than just a website, they have developed an incredibly useful tool for the equestrian community. Maria and Heidis site says it is a "HeyHorsy marketplace is an easy and safe place to buy and sell equestrian gear. You can advertise your equipment FOR FREE" 
I love this concept simply because we all know how expensive tack can be if it's brand new, and theres never really been just a local site completely dedicated to being a market place for second hand tack. It makes it very difficult to justify new purchases when you've got a garage of dusty tack at home, and it's also not cost effective for us to replace every bit that breaks with a new shiny piece. HeyHorsey makes equestrianism more cost effective, which brings more inclusivity into the community... because horses shouldn't just be for people who can easily afford them. 
I have been working with HeyHorsey for around a month now, I had asked Heidi and Maria some questions to give you guys a bit more insight into what they do. Heres how that went...

Maria & Heidi 

Hi there! We’re Maria and Heidi, the faces behind HeyHorsy. Our love for horses started from a very young age and hasn't decreased even a little bit since then. Today we share the same passion for finding new opportunities in the equestrian community around the sport. Maria is more into the creative side of HeyHorsy and Heidi has the best eye on the analytical side of the business.
- What made you think EqA and HeyHorsy would be a good fit for the campaign?
We instantly loved the story behind the Equu Apparel brand and that it is created by a young founder like us. Elysia truly wants to make a difference in the equipment market and the passion around her brand is inspiring. We saw that HeyHorsy resonates with Equu Apparel by embracing the equestrian lifestyle and community.
- What made you start HeyHorsy?
HeyHorsy was founded in 2020 as we saw the need in the market for a solution that lowers equipment prices. We both were competitive riders for around 10 years and we saw how expensive the whole sport can be. After years of hard work and promising results, we both quitted show jumping because of the lack of financial opportunities. That left us with a huge amount of quality horse riding gear, just collecting dust in our garage. There wasn’t a safe and structured place to sell the gear, so we decided to build one. 
- What are HeyHorsy’s main morals and goals?
HeyHorsy is inspired by making the sport more affordable and connecting the horse people. It is normal to have limited financial opportunities but it shouldn’t be a reason to quit a beloved sport and passion. We are driven by the goal to inspire more riders to continue the sport by making the gear more affordable, so there are more finances to invest in training and competitions. 
- What would you like to see going further into our campaign and what impact do you guys want to use to make on the equestrian society?
Our strong focus is on sustainable thinking along with the whole sport. We want to bring attention to the lifecycle of the products and how we can be more conscious about consumption. Our shared goal is definitely to raise awareness about making financially smart decisions while creating an impact on our future. 
- What do you think of when I say “Sustainability in the Eq Society”?
We’re happy that the majority of the equestrian gear is high-quality - it’s usually made from durable materials and has a long lifetime. Thus, it’s almost always slow-fashion products. The problem we’ve challenged is that equestrian gear is often used less than its lifetime - its life-cycle ends when we change the horse, we grow, our horse grows, or when we quit the sport. We see a huge potential in the quality equipment that right now is just staying in our garage waiting for its time. Making the lifetime of the tack longer gives a new perspective to sustainability in the equestrian society.
- What does our campaign include?
Our campaign includes a motivation package from HeyHorsy and Equu Apparel to have a tack clear-out. All the riders who list their used gear to either heyhorsy.com (for Nordic-Baltic) or heyhorsy.co.uk (for the UK) will receive an amazing discount for Equu Apparel products. We’re also having a joint giveaway and possibly more activities soon.
- Do you plan to work with EqA in the future again?
We think the energy has been great and we truly see potential in having more shared activities in the future. Our visions around the equestrian community fit and together we can bring more horsepower to the world! 
Thank you guys for reading till the end! And a special thanks to Heidi and Maria for letting me share your answers...


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