Today we're talking about balancing your life with a family while also maintaining your life that surrounds horses. I thought that there's no better way to talk on this subject than to chat to somebody who's currently living that life! 

Alyssa Wesche 

  • Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! I’m Alyssa from Queensland, Australia. I have a beautiful family, fiancé Ross and 1 year old son Knox. Currently have one competition horse, Saxton! He’s a 17hh Warmblood Gelding, who has all the sass of your typical Stallion (don’t think anyone’s told him he’s a gelding..) I’ve owned him for around 2 years now and we had a slow start (getting pregnant put riding on hold) However we are at it this season smashing some goals and I am so proud of how he’s coming along. Finally!

  • When having your first child, was there any drastic changes to do with your outlook on riding?

When Knox was born, I wasn’t too stressed about the capability of riding side. I have been riding for years and have learnt to stick pretty well! However, with Saxton we are still learning each other’s quirks and being such a big horse I was definitely very cautious on how I approached situations and aspects of our training.

Going forward now I don’t take as many risks with riding. Previously I would push a little harder for results now I have taken my responsibilities as a mum to ensure I get the results I want without the pressure on myself and horse.

  • Was there an initial fear to get back on after so long off?

Not necessarily, I hoped back on a horse I trusted pretty well straight after giving birth! I rode him a fair few times to make sure all the muscles worked and that I had confidence still that I would most definitely need to control the big fella! With Saxton I definitely lunged and did a lot of groundwork to regain our faith in each other before taking the next step. 

  • Did you feel that it was a challenge to get back into your riding life, now having to work your routine around your new baby?

It has taken time and patience to navigate my sport with my new role as a mother. Like everyone says ‘it takes a village’ they aren’t kidding! I do have a lot of support from family. My mum helps 100% at shows and lessons when my other half can’t make it. At home, I work around nap times. Not all sunshine and easy riding here. As an example, when Knox was only a few months old, I will get on my horse and he will wake up meaning my training is a little all over the shop. I can manage to have him in the play pen next to me now that he’s happy to entertain himself walking around.

  • How would you say you balance this now? Do you think that it’s something you just had to settle into?

As I mentioned earlier, it wasn’t easy to navigate and still I have my days where nothing goes to plan and the horse gets untacked and back into the paddock sooner than expected. I have learnt to forgive myself and take the little wins when it’s a hard day. My fiancé works away a week at a time so I have managed to get into a good routine through nap times. Lucky the little one sleeps for a good few hours through the mornings now!

  • Do you enjoy being able to bring up your children around this environment, surrounding animals and horses?

I’ve always said I want to give my kids every opportunity possible! I was lucky enough growing up to give a range of sports a go and found my passion. As a family we are very outdoorsy and love camping, fishing, motorbikes and horses! I am very proud and happy we can give Knox the best possible upbringing we can provide. Sharing my love for horses with him and seeing him grow and learn to navigate the world makes us very proud as parents.

  • Has having children restricted you in training?

No not at all! Knox was a Covid baby (born through the pandemic) The season was out anyway and Saxton definitely benefited from the stress-free year. He is a very particular horse who needs consistency and time to build trust. Our training took a break yes, but our partnership is stronger than ever because of this. I spent a lot of time while pregnant and after Knox was born just being with him. Brushing, groundwork, he would even follow me through the paddock for hours while picking up manure or just spending time out there together.

  • Do you plan to also introduce your children into riding?

As much as I would love to have my babies out there competing! It is entirely up to them. They’ll have a go when they are ready and if they stick with it, I will be keeping the pressure light and see what they think! If the fiancé has anything to say Knox will be competing motocross in no time! (Knox is already showing he’s a big fan of bikes as well)

  • Do you have any tips and advice for riders, who are starting families, on balancing both lives in the beginning?

Yes! And I’m so grateful for the opportunity to say this to a range of mums and families! Please please don’t compare yourself to other families and mums who ride! Most of them will only show the good on social media (I’m guilty of it also) As cliché as it sounds, take the good with the bad and let the rest come easy.

The first year of bubs life will be messy and you’ll have days where it feels like it’ll be easy to just give up or let go of your dreams. Don’t do it! Go outside, brush your horse and remember while we are all there in the first place. For the love of the horse. 



Thank you for answering those questions, and for giving insight and maybe even helping someone who's new to this life! I think talking about these kind of subjects are completely on-brand with EqA, as it's sharing aspects about the lifestyle choice that all equestrians always adapt their life around. 

Thank you for reading,


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